Sunday, June 3, 2012

May update

Well the month of may has come and gone and there is still no construction happening.

We have a meeting this week to review the estimate. Hopefully it will be within our budget and we can move forward (fingers crossed).

Yoko went to England and France for a week. She was looking for wallpaper, lights and miscellaneous items for the house.

She came back with some pretty cool things.

She bought two of these antique lights, we are thinking of using above the kitchen.

This is an interesting designer lamp that has a swivel arm and the cord can be adjusted. Maybe for above the couch.
We've always liked this rubber lamp. Now we have one in blue.
Possibly for Mo's room.
 These three lamps could be for the office or dining table or...?
 And a wood-bin.
These will all be nice authentic additions to our new home.

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