Monday, May 6, 2013

Gardening and Landscaping

Our most extravagant plan for landscaping (for now), is to put in a small lawn at the front of the house. We're finally seeing grass sprouts after watering diligently and waiting patiently.

Lawns are quite rare in Japan, so we're a little worried if it will be difficult to maintain during the HOT summer.
We want to build several raised planter beds for a vegetable garden, but we need to wait until the deck is built as the beds will interfere with the construction. So for now we just have a few herbs, a tomato plant and a cucumber plant in clay pots.

You can also see our Hydrangea and a new tree we planted.
We were given a baby Fig tree. We told Motoki it would be his tree. He's happy that for now he's bigger than it is. It will be many years until the tree has fruit, but by then, we told him, the tree will be bigger.
The entrance received some new plants and a potted Eucalyptus.

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