Friday, October 5, 2012

Another Meeting

We had a four hour meeting with our builder, Sugimoto-San.

Despite the language barrier (for me anyways) we're impressed with his communication and willingness to discuss every detail with us. Among the items we covered today were window frames, door opening and more details about construction materials.
We covered a lot of items, but still have quite a few question marks. We still need to decide on a paint for the interior. Japan has a lot of great 'eco' options, Shikkui for example which is all natural, but it's applied with a trowel. We need to find something that is more DIY friendly. So there is some more research to be done.

Sugimoto-San showed us some samples of the construction materials, including the 40mm thick plywood for under the floor, the styrofoam which will be used in the rafters of the basement and the rather impressive plastic panels which are used between the foundation and the beams, which the house actually rests on and provides ventilation. See below.

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