Monday, October 29, 2012

House Raising

We were looking forward to the house raising which would include an introduction to our building crew and a shared drink of Sake, in Japanese, Muneage.
 Yoko and Motoki pour cups of Sake.
It was impressive to see our house being erected quickly and smoothly. All of the beams are numbered and packed, ready to be put into place. The crew was very organized and efficient.
There were eight workers including the crane operator. Our architect and assistant were onsite as well as our builder.
A few more pictures of the construction.
Front Door.
 Standing in the guest room, looking towards (what will be) the bathroom.
 Second Floor.
Full height of the house.
 One side is completed.
A complete album can be found here.

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  1. This entire process looks so cool. Both my brother and I have been working construction for a few years now. I would really like to undertake a process of this size between just the two of us. I realize that it would be incredibly difficult, but I think we are up to the task.