Friday, March 9, 2012

Finding our Land

With the help of several real estate companies including large Japanese home construction firms we looked at dozens of properties. We were pretty adamant about our requirements: location, price and size of the land being our main concerns. We wanted to be within walking or bicycling distance of a train station, and thus closer than thirty minutes to Okayama station. We also wanted to have a large enough piece of land for parking a couple cars and a garden. Of course money was a concern too.
Unfortunately none of the pieces of land we saw met any of our criteria until one day in the Fall of 2011 we found our land.

 It's on a slope, bordered by a newish house a small garden and a little reservoir/duck pond.

We immediately were interested. It met all of our requirements and the price seemed reasonable. The person who found it for us is the owner of an architecture firm, Unita, who we met her through Yoko's friend.

We quickly learned that, Yokota-san, was extremely dedicated, tireless and talented. We were so pleased with her that we decided to use her as our architect.

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