Monday, March 12, 2012

Property Preparation

NOTE: I began this blog in March, 2012 most of my last posts happened several months or even years ago; so I'm happy to be able to now give updates which are happening in the present time.

Even though we still haven't secured our loan or finished planning and budgeting, some exciting steps have began to prepare the property for the house to be built.

The property is getting some necessary reinforcements and procedures that must be completed prior to us getting the go ahead for construction.

We were surprised to see some busy workers and machinery on our land as we hadn't received any news of when this work would begin.
Here's Yoko posing with the official permit, they've allowed 8 days for this job.
There's a parking area that borders our land that needs to have a retaining wall built. A hole was dug and a couple days later it looked like this.
 A small wall along the edge of the reservoir was also built to deal with drainage.

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