Thursday, March 8, 2012

First Kumayama Property in Kawatahara

This was the first piece of land we considered buying. It was on the same street we lived on and was owned by a family in our neighborhood who seemed willing to sell it to us. At least that was our first impression. We pursued this land for several months even meeting with the Japanese Agriculture office several times. Since all the land in our town which was available for purchase was zoned for farming there was a lot of paperwork and government bureaucracy involved. 

There were several things going for the land but in the end it didn't work out. Mostly because the owner had an unrealistic view of its value and was asking three times more than it was worth.

In the end it was probably a good thing. We looked at several other pieces of land in our town, but either were blocked by the zoning laws which promoted farming over residential construction or we didn't like the location.

We began to think that we would have to move to a different part of Okayama. We were a bit sad about the thought of leaving our nice community, but at the same time, we felt too far away from Okayama city, where we did most of our shopping and other activities.

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