Thursday, September 27, 2012

HEATH Tiles Arrive

We waited anxiously for the past six weeks for our tiles to arrive. We purchased the tiles in the beginning of August at the HEATH factory in San Francisco. The 36 boxes of loose tiles were reinforced with packing materials and put onto a pallet. We managed all of this work while being thousands of miles away, so we were never sure how carefully the work was being done. The tile specialist at HEATH warned us that we could end up with broken mosaiced tiles upon arrival !

We were so happy when the truck arrived from the Port of Osaka.
We unpacked the boxes to reveal that nothing had broken! What a relief...

Now we have to figure out how to arrange and install our -slightly mixed- but gorgeous selection of tiles.

Possibly something like this.

Floor in the Lavatory.

For the walls in the Shower and Lavatory.

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