Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wood Stove

We decided that our house would incorporate a wood stove.
Since I grew up in Vermont, I know the warmth and comfort that a stove provides in the winter, so we were pretty confident that we would be happy having this as our heat source. 
After suffering through several cold and drafty Japanese winters huddled around a gas heater, we were looking forward to finding the right stove for our new house.

We decided to use this model stove from Jotul, The Scan 10
We had originally wanted to buy the stove back in The States, but due to an unnamed stove store which totally dropped the ball and couldn't get the stove in the store even with a two month lead time, we decided that we would go ahead and buy the stove in Japan. It's only a little more expensive, and we will have the peace of mind that we will get a warranty and good Japanese service and installation. So we drove up to the mountains to see the stove in person and meet the installer. We were both very happy with the looks and features of the stove.
I've already started collecting equipment to become a part-time lumberjack in order to source, cut, chop and stack wood (Phew). This is so it can be dry and ready for winter and to save money as firewood is very expensive in Japan. Unfortunately since we will be moving into our new home in mid to late winter we will have to hustle to get wood for the first year...

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