Saturday, September 22, 2012

Still Tweaking

Every time we meet with the architect -which is pretty much weekly- we make some changes to the design. We're always looking for ideas and inspiration for our house and ways to improve on the design. We spent a lot of time discussing doors and window locations and opening sizes. We're still not 100% decided on the window placement for the bathroom, but we will have to decide soon as construction is about to begin. 
As you can see from these layouts, we changed the fundamental shape of the house by adding a 10% angle from the roof down to the first floor on the back of the house. We also eliminated the roof overhang on the long sides of the house. We think this gives the rather plain structure a more dynamic look as well as sheltering the interior space and focusing the views from the inside of the house towards the water and the hill on the other side. 

These layouts also nicely show off the skeletal structure of the house. The builder is using a pre-cut process so all of the wood is laser cut off site and then delivered for assembly, so no waste and perfect dimensions.

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