Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Insulation and Bathtub

Progress has picked up since there have been more workers present at the house. Sugimoto-san told us we would have a larger crew working on our house from now on.

We were excited to see the insulation being put up inside the house.

The roof overhang was finished with wood. It looks very white and might stand out from the black siding, but we were told it will darken over the years.

The drains for the bath tub and shower were installed as well as the inlet pipes for the shower. Soon they will pour the concrete for the floor.

Yoko was concerned that the bathtub we wanted would be too small. We knew that its arrival would be soon...She was very happy to find out that the size was perfect.
The tub uses an integrated faucet for filling the water to a specified amount with the push of a remote button. It also recirculates the water to keep it at a constant temperature...can't wait to try it out!

Master Electrician, Uncle G. asked for some more pictures of the wiring, he's interested in the differences between Japan and the States.

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