Friday, July 26, 2013

Big Push to Finish - Day 1

We had three carpenters and an electrician working on the house. The projects to finish were the garage doors, the wood for the deck and installing the lighting in the basement/garage.

Two carpenters worked on fitting the garage doors. They were worried that the carriage door hinges wouldn't support the door without it sagging.
In the end they were able to install the doors with no problems.
We will be painting the exterior grey, but leaving the hinges black for contrast.

The interior of the doors may be painted or not. Motoki likes the wood, as 'it looks like Granpa's house'.

The other carpenter was working on fitting the larger Ipe beams along the top of the iron. It took a lot of care and precision wood work.

By the end of the day all three carpenters were working on the deck. They were able to finish the support beams, so they could begin screwing down the decking.

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