Friday, August 2, 2013

Deck and Garage Pictures

The deck is about finished, it just needs some more paint. Unfortunately there have been rain showers daily, so it's been hard to officially finish.

We were able to put in a sun shade, using some striped black and white canvas.
I chopped down a couple of bamboo trunks to use as supports for the canvas as we didn't want to have anything permanent to block the view.

Here is the end result.

In the garage the final grey switch plates were installed.

All of the lighting, including a motion sensor exterior light above the doors have been wired.

The interior of the garage/basement is a bit of a maze. But now we have lights in 5 of the six rooms underneath the house.

In the main room.

Off to the side of that room is a large room which has become the lumber storage area and an adjacent smaller room.

Towards the back are three more small rooms, two of which have lights now.

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