Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Planter Boxes

We wanted to have a garden in planter boxes to control the weeds and make it easier and neater to grow vegetables and herbs.

Since the construction for the deck required some large vehicles and digging, we had to wait until the deck was built before we could make the planters.

The construction of the planters was simple, but the weather was so hot that working outside was pretty uncomfortable.

Here I am putting the boxes together.

We had a pile of dirt from the foundation for the deck. I used this to partially fill the boxes. This soil was really rocky so I made a screen to filter out the larger rocks.

I then added some topsoil and manure to each box. We have two compost bins which are still at our old house, hopefully they have some nice organic soil which I can put into the boxes.

Here are the finished planters.

We're looking forward to starting our garden. Unfortunately the weather is still super hot and dry right now. So we will have to wait until it cools down and then we will plant autumn crops.

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