Thursday, November 1, 2012

More Framing

All of the main posts and beams have been installed and bolted down. The roof has also been put on.

We were happy to see that two cars can park in front of the house.

There were two workers putting in the bracing for the framing with two by fours.
A couple of shots looking at the ceilings and post and beams.
The corners of the house also use steel braces.
Yoko and I took a little walk and discovered a short cut for Motoki to his new school. It's a beautiful path over the hill through orchards and a bamboo forest.
We also got a nice view of our house from across the pond. It certainly stands out. We wonder what the neighbors will think when it's covered in black aluminum siding!
We spent a few hours with the builder and architect deciding on final window placement. Here Yoko is discussing the skylight placement in the studio, we eventually decided it should go in the middle of the room.

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