Friday, November 9, 2012

November 9th

We had a meeting at the house to review various details with the architect and builder.

We were happy to see that the windows and glass doors were beginning to be installed.
We're using YKKap Windows, which is one of the largest makers in Japan. Japanese windows are almost entirely manufactured from aluminum. This makes them quite strong but cold. So we wanted to use windows which have a PVC layer to stop temperature transfer. No fancy coatings or gas between the panes, though.
The windows are white on the inside to match our walls and black on the exterior to match the siding.
This is the window in the stairwell.
The sash and fixed window (door size) in the studio, ready for installation.
This is the fixed window, with three panels, which goes above the sliding glass doors in the living room.
As seen here from the outside.
I wanted to climb up to the roof to get a view of the exterior material and chimney. This will be my only chance to get this close up view.
These aluminum panels are 30cm by 12 meters. Our builder said he broke several traffic laws bringing such long pieces to the house site!
Here is an unusual view looking up at the chimney box from inside.
We also decided on the location of our air conditioning units. Here we are in the studio.
Our builder brought out a special box, we weren't sure what to expect...In fact this is the stainless hardware which will hold the glass panels and doors in the bathroom/lavatory.

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