Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November 7

Work is moving forward at a good pace.

We were very happy to receive our 20 foot shipping container which sailed out of America 3.5 months ago. Since our road is too narrow for the container and the truck, we had some help bringing the items over to our garage.
We're pretty sure everything is there (hard to tell).
Luckily our garage has plenty of storage space to keep our things until we move to the new house. We're excited about our BBQ set, furniture and all of my tools, also our kitchen cabinet and sink and dining table....and more...yay!
And the same day the flooring arrived from China. I was worried that the actual wood wouldn't match the samples, but it looks very close.
We have decided to use a random looking 1/3 layout. We will be there to supervise when the flooring gets installed shortly.
More materials have arrived, including insulation. Also a big scaffold for the interior work.
The wood stove and chimney company arrived to put in the chimney box on the roof. They wanted to coordinate this step while the roofing material was being installed.
We're continuing to look into paint. Our thinking at this point is to use Sherwin Williams primer and bathroom paint. We will still use the natural paint from Kreidezeit for most of the interior, but we also want to use Farrow and Ball paints for a contrasting wall in our bedroom and Motoki's room.
Mo enjoyed looking at the samples and choosing a color.

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