Sunday, November 11, 2012

More Windows

We stopped by the house on a Sunday when no work was being done. It gave us a chance to see all of the windows. Unfortunately we realized that the window in the pantry was in the wrong place. Hopefully it's not too late to correct this mistake.

The smaller windows are all in place, but the larger windows and doors have not been installed yet. Still we could get a feel for the size of the windows and enjoy the atmosphere.

This is the fixed window in the studio. Yoko is hoping that this window along with the skylight will give her enough natural light to photograph by.

This is the view from the studio looking down to the first floor.
And the same view from the first floor. We do have some high ceilings !

It was a rainy day. Our fear that the aluminum roof would bring a lot of rain sounds into the house were put to rest, only a gentle 'patter' could be heard, this will be even further reduced once the insulation and ceiling is put in.

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